In 2010, Lafayette students, faculty and staff were invited to participate in a survey designed to provide baseline information about the campus environment as it relates to interpersonal, academic, and professional interactions.

The survey, developed by the College’s Climate Study Working Group and Rankin & Associates, delineates where we’ve been most successful in building a positive climate for all members of our community, as well as where we have important work to do.

The results of the 2010 survey showed a large majority of students were highly satisfied or satisfied with their academic experiences at Lafayette and most students and faculty felt the classroom climate was welcoming based on a variety of selected demographics. In addition, the majority of employee respondents (faculty and staff) were highly satisfied or satisfied with their jobs at Lafayette and how their careers have progressed and most employee respondents reported positive workplace attitudes and experiences. While the majority of underrepresented groups, including women, people of color, and LGBTQ people, were comfortable with the campus climate, respondents from these groups did report somewhat less satisfaction than their majority counterpart respondents.

As a result of these and other findings, the Campus Climate Study Working Group developed a set of recommendations to address the concerns raised by survey respondents. A summary of the recommendations and the progress to date is available here (Lafayette Community network ID and password required).

In addition, President Alison Byerly appointed a Presidential Oversight Committee in 2013 to ensure that Lafayette’s educational programs regarding sexual assault and harassment policies and procedures are in keeping with current best practices.